Manual Keyword Research Technique

In search engine optimization (SEO),  keyword research is a very important part. Because it is very difficult to find out the right keywords for a website/blog. Most of the searches occurred in search engines based on a keyword basis and maximum visitors only visit the first two or three pages of search result pages. For this reason, keyword research is very important for a website/blog. Today I am going to share how to select the right keywords manually for your website/blog.


Normally web spiders use a complex algorithm to find out keywords from content or website. Just for example now think this article is about the Manual Keyword Research Technique. Normally the term “keyword research” will be repeated many times in this article. 

For this reason, the phrase will be the top keyword in this article. But only one keyword is not suitable for your website/blog for getting huge traffic. You need to find out a list of keywords for your website/blog.

Now How To Find Keywords For Your Site Manually

Firstly you need to think about your site and its content. Then think of some keywords (minimum more than 100 keywords) that match your site and its content. Note down all keywords on a page. Consider both single word and phrase for your keyword list (a phrase is better than a single word). After completing your keyword list keep it in any place from out of your eyes. After 2 or 3 days when you totally forget your keywords of that list then take the list to see it again.

Now it is a fresh list of lots of keywords. Check the list carefully and mark the keywords which are suitable or express your site and its content clearly and rightly. Remove the unnecessary keywords from the list. After doing this, you will get your targeted keywords for your site. Now it is your magic number for getting targeted traffic on your site.

Now How To Use That Keywords In Your Site

Keyword Placement is very important for better SEO. Firstly choose 20 keywords from the list which express your site accurately. Keep three (3) keywords on a single page in your article. It may be two single words and a phrase for getting a good result.

Now, wait two or three weeks for indexing your content. Search your keywords separately in search engines. Check the first and the second result page that your site’s link is present or not. If you find then it is done but if you do not find out your site’s link then compare the search result site’s content with your site’s content. 

Try to find out the difference (URL structure, article size, written style, etc) and reasons that why does the keyword not working? After doing this, you will get a proper idea. Then update your content and recheck again. You need to continue this keyword research for a better result. Keyword research is a continuous process, so you need both time and research to get maximum traffic into your website/blog.