5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses tend to believe that corporate videos are a thing for the big fishes of the corporate world. This is not the case, at least not in the current era. Video marketing is quickly becoming the fastest and most effective form of marketing and small and big corporations alike can benefit from it.


Boundless Productions is providing corporate video production services in Toronto. They handle everything from video content creation to video distribution. And here are 

the benefits that your small business can achieve from making a corporate video

1. Beat the Competition

If your business has a website, then videos are the ultimate tool for beating your competition. Search engines like Google favor websites containing high-quality videos. This way your business appears on the top of the search results. Videos are an important aspect of SEO and your business can take advantage. The competition is stiff out there and video marketing can be a great way to get ahead.

2. Spread the Word

You already are familiar with the power of social media. But what you may not know is that videos are getting most of the attention on social media. In 2015, Facebook’s video viewership grew to a whopping 8 billion views. Videos spread the word like wildfire. If you want to take your business one step further, videos can help. With creative content and correct strategy, your video can get millions of views in no time, thus helping in getting potential clients.

3. Free Online Marketing

You may be thinking about the costs associated with corporate video production but you are forgetting that distributing it online is absolutely free. Then why should you not take advantage of this free route? You can put videos for free on YouTube. You can share them on Facebook and Twitter for free. YouTube, Facebook, and other such media’s outreach are undeniably strong. And using it for free makes it all the more worth the effort.

4. Optimized Engagement

In case you did not know, 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual. Videos can get 10 times more response than text. Videos help in engaging clients and helping create a loyal clientele. A loyal clientele is of high importance for small businesses. If your business framework does not include extra exposure, it must include keeping the existing clients. And videos can make your audience spend more time on your posts or your website.

5. Multi-Purpose

Corporate videos can have some benefits for your company’s own operations. You can use the videos to train new hires about the business goals or show it to your clients too. It can be also used in presentations for potential partnerships. You will likely benefit from a corporate video in ways you did not imagine.

Spending money on a corporate video may seem a daunting step especially if you have a small business. But looking at the benefits, it is totally worth the investment. You can find many existing examples online and see for yourself what video marketing can do for a business no matter what its size is