4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Benefit Small Businesses

In today’s digital age, it is a shame that more businesses don’t take advantage of electronic communications. When it comes to small businesses, they should learn from the larger corporations who have been taking advantage of video conferencing since its development. 

Here are just four ways video conferencing can benefit small businesses.


1) Saving Money on Travel Expenses

Most small businesses are operating on a budget that is often quite limited. Video conferencing such as that offered by http://www.clickmeeting.co.uk/ can help to save huge amounts of money on travel expenses, especially if clients are located in remote regions of the world. Not only can you save fuel expenses going across town, if needed, but you can also save on the cost of transport on longer trips, hotels, food stipends, and other expenses that quickly add up.

2) Getting Everyone to ‘One’ Location at the Same Time

The truth is, everyone you deal with has a schedule just as busy as yours. Some are not able to get away for a much needed meeting and if there are several people who need to clear a schedule to attend, it is far simpler to find a time when everyone can meet from the office. Travelling takes an additional amount of time that many business men and women just don’t have. If you have any hope of getting everyone to one location at the same time, video conferencing is your best bet. It’s far easier to clear an hour or two than a day or two!

3) Ease at Which Products Can Be Demonstrated

Another great aspect of video conferencing is when you have a product to demonstrate. It often takes great effort to get everything assembled and packed to go on the road. It is far easier to demonstrate a new product line from its home base than it would be to cart it off to client after client. 

Although you wouldn’t probably have more than one client in a conference at the same time, this is a wonderful help if you are looking for financing. Many small businesses have been able to find business angels through video conferencing once their products have been quickly demonstrated without taking up to much of that person’s time.

4) Improves Relationships with Peers and Customers

Video conferencing is a great way to stay in touch with customers and peers, especially if you do a high volume of B2B business. Again, most business owners and directors are just as busy as you are, if not more so and they appreciate the fact that a quick video conference can keep you face-to-face without taking up too much of their time.

These are just a few of the ways in which video conferencing can benefit a small business, but hopefully enough to get you thinking about other ways in which your small business can benefit. In today’s digital age, it really is a waste of time, effort and money to do as much travelling as we do and this is why more and more businesses around the globe are taking advantage of online communications.