3 Pro Tips to Write Killer Blog posts

With hundreds of competitors posting every day, bloggers in highly competitive niches tend to look for ways to make their posts stand out. Reader’s attention is the main reason behind such uniqueness, and of course ranking.

The concern is quite valid, and the answer is quite simple – create something that others can’t even think about. But it’s easier said than done. We’re living in an era in which the web is continuously pumped with loads of content – infographics, videos, articles, tips and tricks, quizzes and more. So, it’s too difficult to stay fresh and unique, but possible.


3 Pro Tips to Write Killer Blog Posts

Here we have 3 quick, and rather unique tips to make your articles sound different than others, even if they’re giving similar message to the readers.

1. Keep Your Competition In Mind

You may be overwhelmed with excitement when you get a scintillating idea for a blogpost. But as soon as you Google it, seeing 5 other blog posts with the same idea can easily kill your excitement.

On the other hand, quick Google search with keyword and general idea is always a good way to find out whether your idea was original. It also helps in making your idea unique from the ones available on SERPs.

Another good way to find out about the originality of your idea is, search it on Buzzsumoand/orGoogle Trends.They’ll tell you which content performs better and what type of content is being shared during certain period.

Don’t back out and leave your idea if you see someone else’s post around it. Just think, you have to put a little more effort to refine your thoughts and make it unique. You need to think about unique post. How can you add value to it? or How can you elaborate or give a new perception?

If you know the competition, you can come up with refined thoughts and in depth information that no one else shared before. You can dedicate your SEO expert to find fresh and trendy topics for you. If you really do, Webryze is a popular name in Toronto search engine optimization that can assist you in finding and creating unique blogposts.

2. Pay Attention to Details

It’s a common thing that a breaking news always give lead to a bunch of articles giving exactly the same information? Even movies do it. This is also common in niches where competition is quite tough.

So, what should you do to make your content standout when everyone else has the same story to tell? Here, your research and the amount of information matters the most. While you’ll consider same resources to extract relevant information for your post, (obviously, you’ll be linking to them), but if you go one step ahead and add some more information, that’ll do the job. Make sure, the extra piece of information come from authoritative sites and prove your point.

3. Answer Your Own Questions

Sometimes, you tell yourself, “I would like to read a post on this topic”. Whenever you have that feeling, don’t hesitate to write it down. Professional writers tend to do it, in their own ways. Most of the time they get on sites and platforms, likeWarrior Forum or Quora and read discussions and questions asked by the users.

If you already have this habit, you would have reached to the bottom line of this point – Yes, note down unique and different questions that are too rare, or have certain amount of complexity that should be explained in detail. 

No matter if you don’t know the answers yourself, you’ve got the topic. In fact, if your audience is asking questions that you cannot answer, you can create a blogpost on it which will be a great sharable material, for more  Seo Consultant visit here.

At the same time, keep in mind that such blogposts take more time than normal posts. You need to invest your time searching for answers, even if there aren’t sufficient ones. The point is, you have to show you’ve covered the topic from many angles, yet the question remains complex. By doing this, you’d have answered a lot of related questions that readers haven’t asked or found answers to yet.