The Elevator Speech, Marketing’s Secret Weapon

Marketing is all about connecting with people and building relationships. Whether you are doing online or offline marketing communicating the what, why and how of your business, clearly and concisely will go a long way in creating a positive connection. The best way to achieve this is with a well crafted Elevator Speech. I recently watched an outstanding video from Terri Murphy on the Keys To Creating a Powerful and Effective Elevator Speech.


What is an Elevator Speech? 

An Elevator Speech is a your 7 – 30 second response to the question, so what do you do? Shorter is better as it is easier to remember and in our ADD society that works best. Every word counts and how you craft the message is critical.

Most people fumble and stumble their way through a response missing that golden opportunity to make a great first impression, connect with the lead or prospect and keep the conversation going. 

They also focus on what they do and not on how what they do helps their customers businesses, quality of life, adds value and benefits to their bottom line, which then creates interest and makes the prospect want to keep the conversation going. You see by keeping the conversation going, you are on your way to connecting and building a relationship that will ultimately lead to mutually beneficial business.

So what are the 6 secrets to a Powerful and Effective Elevator Speech?

1. Write down every service that you provide your customers. List how each service saves your customer time, money and/or improves productivity.

2. Brainstorm why people choose to do business with you. List all of the things that makes your customer want to continue to do business with you and what you do to make them a raving fan.

3. Write your Elevator Speech in such a way that encourages more conversation. One example is, “I help families go from good to great, improving employee morale and thus positively impacting companies bottom line.”

4. Break the statement into 2 parts. a) What you do b) How it helps your customer.

For example, “I help families save money so that they can send their kids to college and retire prosperously.”

5. Write out your Elevator Speech. It must be easily understood and become a part of you. It should spontaneously roll of your tongue, clearly and concisely.

6. Practice, practice, practice. Your next step in advancing the relationship is to ask your lead or prospect what they do. Get as much information on their business, their needs and wants to determine whether they are a good fit for your product or service.

To separate yourself from the crowd ask the following question, “Mr or Mrs. Prospect, it has been nice talking with you. I would like to see if anyone in my database is the right fit for you; how can I best refer you? Follow up here is important, so whatever you commit to, deliver on. Also, send a personal note referencing something discussed during your meeting. This will help them remember you and further develop the relationship.

You can use your Elevator Speech-Tagline on all your stationary, e-mail signature, auto-responder, articles, videos, power-points, brochures, voicemails and any other form of communication. Invest your time and creativity on an a powerful Elevator Speech that takes your business to the top.

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