Local Search SEO Tips For Small Business Website Part-2

You already know that online-based small business is a vastly growing sector. Nowadays lots of people buy their products from online stores. You can easily invest in a small business as an entrepreneur. For an online-based small business firstly you need a good website. In a previous post, I have already discussed how to optimize the small business website for search engines to get huge visitors. Today I am going to share some other SEO techniques for your small business website. So let start...


Plan For Keywords:

Keyword selection is very important for a website. Most people search on search engines based on keywords and try to find the desired website. Search engines only show the websites in search results which website contains the specific keyword. 

Right keywords can give you tons of visitors to your website. For this reason, selecting keywords and placing the keywords in right place is very important. Select some primary keywords and add on every page title, meta description, meta tags, image title, image alt tags, page header, and other places.

Signup For Google Plus Business Page:

Create a Google+ Business Page and describe your small business properly with relevant keywords. Fill up the about section with the link to the small business website. Check carefully that you have filled up every section properly with NAP (name, address, phone number).

Setup Local Google+ Page:

It is very helpful for branding a small business. Create a Google+ Local Page for your small business with detailed information including physical address, phone number, email address, and location map. Encourage your customers to leave ratings and reviews for products. Both positive and negative reviews are good to encourage customers to buy products from your website.

Add Map In Your Website's About Page:

Sometimes people looking for a map to find out the store location easily. Add NAP (name, address, phone number) with hours of operation. Just for example store opening time, closing time, holiday. Nowadays some websites have a live chat options for customers to give instant information. You can use Google Map or Bing Map to add the live map to your website.

Ask For Reviews:

On your website, you can add a review option against each product or category. Ask both positive and negative reviews to your customers. You may think negative reviews may affect your small business but negative reviews are good. When you have only positive reviews and no negative reviews then it looks like fake reviews.

Facebook Ads:

It is a not part of SEO. Facebook ads are very popular with all small business entrepreneurs. Through Facebook ads, you can easily reach specific and region-wise customers. For creating Facebook ads you need to invest money but it is effective for small businesses.

Some Common Area You Need To Be Careful:

  • Make social media profiles public and add a short description about the small business
  • Create Facebook Page, not a profile page.
  • Customize Facebook profile page and add small business website URL
  • Don't forget to add NAP (name, address, phone number)

Some Helpful Links To Claim Small Business Website

  1. Yellowbook
  2. Yelp
  3. dexknows
  4. Yahoo Local
  5. Bing Local
  6. superpages
  7. Express Update
  8. business
  9. TrueLocal
  10. Dmoz
  11. City Search
  12. Switchboard

After optimizing everything you need time to get better results. You need to do everyday SEO for your website. Just follow all SEO techniques and wait for success. Don't forget to share this post with others and leave your helpful suggestion and question to us through the comment box below.

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