FRUITS PM Kisan Beneficiary Status If you want to see your name in the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Nidhi Yojana, follow some of the steps given below.

PM Kisan Beneficiary Status Website

  1. Beneficiaries can check their name online. To do this, first click on the official website, Click here
  2. On the homepage of the website, click on "Farmer's Corner" in the menu bar, it will give you the option to list the beneficiaries. Clicking on it will open a page.
  3. In which select your information through the drop down option.
  4. First select the state you belong to, then select the district, then the sub-district ie tehsil, then block and village.
  5. Then click on Gate Report.
  6. Now on the same page, the full list will open below, in which the beneficiaries can see their names as well as the names of all the farmers in their villages.
  7. Recently, the government has checked the names in the list online, so that farmers can view their names from anywhere in the list of beneficiaries of the scheme through the internet.

How to check PM Kisan Beneficiary Status through the mobile app?


Step 1: Download the mobile app on the Play Store - First, farmers must download the PMStan GoI application on their mobile phone through the Play Store. The link to the application is

Step 2: Open the app - Once the app is downloaded, tap the Open button.

Step 3: The homepage of the app will open - As soon as the mobile app opens, its homepage will appear as shown in the picture. All services on this app will be displayed.

Step 4: Check the Beneficiary Status - Now, if you want to check the Beneficiary Status, you need to click on it.

Step 5: Here are three easy ways to check the status of a PM Kisan Beneficiary. Under Beneficiary Status you have to select Aadhaar / Account / Mobile Number (Any) to check the status.

Step 6: Provide details data - Select the ID, enter the value and click on the "Gate Details" option. The status of the beneficiary will be revealed.

Step 7: Details. This will give you a status after clicking "Get Details".

Step 8: Edit Aadhaar Details - If you want to edit Aadhaar details, click on the relevant link.

Step 9: Enter the details - Enter the Aadhaar number and proceed to edit the details.

Step 10: Self Registered Farmer Status - Click on the relevant link to check the status of Self Registered Farmer.

Step 11: Enter Certificates - Enter the Aadhaar number. In the space provided. Status will appear.

Step 12: Get Details Result - After pressing "Get Details" your application status will be on your mobile screen

Step 13: New Farmer Registration - If a farmer wants to register through the app, he has to click on the "New Farmer Registration" link.

Step 14: Provide Aadhaar Number - For new registration, enter Aadhaar, and continue to complete the registration process.

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